Cliente PBC Automotive

Summary & Requirements

PBC Automotive is an auto service shop located in Chantilly, Virginia. They hav provided auto service since 1996, they are characterized by their integrity when providing friendly and honest services at reasonable costs.

From mechanical repairs, electrical, wheel balancing and alingnment, to state inspections for your car, PBC Automotive is a one-stop-shop pit for automovile and motorcycle maintenance. PBC Automotive specializes on the customizationof Mazda Miata cars, and the sale and installation of “The Little Enchilada Project” performance set, which is on of the most performance upgrade most populars for this particular model produced by Flyin’ Miatta.

The business required the redesign and development of a new website to take advantage of new technologies and trendz, make a better distribiution of the information, and interact with it’s visitors. e interactuar con sus visitantes.  It needed an attractive and innovative website in which the visitors can subsribe to a newsletter system. The website also needed a tool for PBC Automotive’s clients to qualify and rate their quality of service.



  • Brand redesign
  • UI/UX
    • Web redesign
    • Newsletter system
    • Service quality survey
  • Social media branding


  • Front-end
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
  • Back-end
    • PHP
    • MySQL
  • Frameworks
    • jQuery
    • phpMyAdmin
  • DevOps
    • Shared server
    • Email client
  • Technical support
    • Back up
    • Domain and DNSs setup

Digital Marketing

  • Newsletter subscriptor
  • Service quality service
  • Rating system
  • Social media integration
    • Facebook
    • Yelp