Cliente Güork Marketing Agency

Summary & Requirements

Güork Marketing Agency is a digital marketing company from CDMX. The company provides digital advertising services through the Inbound Marketing methodology, being also strategic partners with HubSpot, company from Boston creator of the Inbound Marketing methodology

Güork specialized on all digital marketing channels in the Inbound Marketing methodology, which involves positioning strategies using different web channels and social networks.

The company needed support in technology in the development of digital content and it’s distribuition, for both Güork and their clients.



  • Brand design
  • UI/UX
  • Email signature


  • Type: Informative/Blog/CMS
  • WordPress
  • Front end development
  • Web administration
    • AWS EC2 cloud hosting setup
    • Email client (Webmail)
  • Security
    • SSL Certificate
  • Technical support

Digital Marketing

  • WHM and cPanel
  • WordPress Blog
  • SEO optimization