Dental Bueno

Summary & Requirements

Dental Bueno is a business dedicated to dental care and counts with 5 branches in CDMX and Mexico State. Characterized by providing excellent service, where patients can feel as comfortable as they are at home during their visits to the clinics. They also offer business plans that allow companies to cover dental care of their employees.

The business required a new website, following the design provided by their marketing team. One of Dental Bueno’s visions is to offer their products and services in foreign countries; specificaly US and Canada. Therefore, they also needed their new website translated to English and provide to the user the ability to change languages between Spanish and English as desired.



  • Web redesign
  • Photo edition


  • Type: Informative/CMS
  • WordPress
  • Premium template
  • Multi language
  • Technical support
  • Domain and DNSs setup and configuration

Digital Marketing

  • Consulting on Digital
  • Blog integration
  • Social media intergation